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Luigi Wewege

Banking & Finance, Investment Management

Hi, i'm Luigi Wewege and welcome to my profile!

Luigi Wewege's Bio:

Luigi Wewege is the President and CEO of Vivier Groupa multinational financial services group of companies, providing its products worldwide through representation in jurisdictions across Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and South America. The group of companies is comprised of Vivier & Co, Vivier Capital, Vivier DevelopmentsVivier InvestmentsVivier Ventures, and launching shortly Vivier Growth Fund.


Outside of Vivier he serves as the Non-executive Chairman of Nikau Global Ltdan Auckland based international trade firm; as Partner/Director ofPalmetto Global Ventures a bespoke financial management consultancy firm headquartered in South Carolina; and as an invited member of Boston, Massachusetts based non-profit the YEC.


Luigi has previously held several senior advisory and management positions and was a former Non-executive Director of New Zealand China Development Group; Investment Partner of House of Pies which was mainland Europe’s - first fast food pie restaurant and franchise; Senior Consultant at The Braintrust Network (merged with CMEA) an international consultancy firm based in Budapest; Commercial Advisor to LexisNexis - New Zealand; and as a Senior Advisor - Feasibility for Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development with his primary focus on assessing the economic feasibility of major events for the Auckland Region.


Other previous positions include being the Commercial Manager - Media of Investment Research Group which produces the New Zealand: Investor magazine and the Investment yearbook; General Manager - Corporate Affairs of OS Tires Ltd a global tire manufacturer which markets its own brand of Off-The-Road tires used in the construction and mining industry; and conducting credit research for the Federal Trade Commission during one of the most serious financial times for the American economy. The report focused on determining the accuracy of the three major credit bureaus in the USA, and Luigi served as co-author documenting his findings which were presented before the United States Congress in late 2008.


Education wise Luigi has a Master of Business Administration in international business from the MIB - School of Management in Trieste, Italy. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with majors in finance, international business and management cum laude from the University of Missouri - St. Louis. He is a multiple recipient of the Dean’s list, Coaches and Athletic Director honor rolls, as well as being recognized as a Great Lakes Valley Conference Academic All-Conference honor recipient. Other notable academic achievements include being formally inducted into the Financial Management Association - National Honor Society; and the Epsilon Eta Pi - International Business Honor Society.


One of Luigi’s passions is to create development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change, which lead him to serving as a Director and Trustee of the India based Doing Good Fellows for several years. The organization uses technology to facilitate an ecosystem where accomplished professionals use their skill set and networks to solve the various challenges of non-profits. He is also the past President of Junior Chamber International - Metro, which is the only worldwide non-political and non-sectarian youth service organization. Luigi’s presidency included various fundraising initiatives to assist with JCI’s partnership with the United Nations FoundationNothing But Nets campaign to prevent malaria deaths by purchasing, distributing, and teaching the proper use of mosquito bed nets.


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Outside of work Luigi’s interests include travelling internationally, and participating in a variety of sports, several of which he has played at a high level. Some of his notable athletic achievements include being a former national junior champion in swimming; and an NCAA collegiate golfer on scholarship in Missouri.

Luigi Wewege's Experience:

  • Chief Executive Officer at Vivier Financial Services

    Vivier & Co is a boutique financial services firm with a core focus on offering high-performing savings accounts without market risk volatility. Vivier is a member of Financial Services Complaints, a New Zealand Government approved Dispute Resolution Scheme, and maintains an insurance policy with Standard and Poor's A+ rated insurers, providing a NZD 10,000,000 indemnity on any one claim/loss in the aggregate.

  • Partner/Director at Palmetto Global Ventures

    PGV is a bespoke financial management consultancy firm headquartered in South Carolina focused on the banking and finance sector. Our aim is to create long-term business value for companies and investors through our unique blend of practical experience, and subject matter expertise. This enables us to provide innovative management consulting solutions that create a positive and lasting impact on your overall strategy, brand & growth.

  • Non-executive Chairman at Nikau Global

    NG is a global network of highly entrepreneurial ‘partners’ based in key international markets who work together to promote trade, business & investment opportunities. Our main focus is on select strategic markets where we have identified an opportunity and offer consulting, marketing, investment & trade expertise.

  • President and CEO at Vivier Group

    Vivier Group is a multinational financial services group of companies, providing its products worldwide through representation in jurisdictions across Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and South America. The group of companies is comprised of Vivier & Co, Vivier Capital, Vivier Developments, Vivier Investments, Vivier Ventures, and launching shortly Vivier Growth Fund.

  • Non-executive Director at New Zealand China Development Group

    The NZCD Group has unique links with the People’s Republic of China building on experience, and relationships that the company has cultivated over the last 20 years. The business has now positioned itself to take advantage of the unique opportunities emanating from the NZ-China Free Trade Agreement, which aims to increase bilateral investment and trade links between these two countries.

  • Investment Partner at House of Pies

    House of Pies was mainland Europe’s - first fast food pie restaurant and franchisee. HOP's primary mission was to offer an alternative to the current fast-food market in Europe.

  • Senior Advisor - Feasibility at Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED)

    ATEED aims to develop tourism, deliver events and improve the economic performance of the region and international awareness of Auckland as a desirable place to visit, live, work, invest and do business.

  • Senior Consultant at The Braintrust Network (now CMEA)

    BTN was an international group of leading academics and practitioners, based out of Budapest. The firm’s vision was to combine both thinking & doing, so as to provide a unique content driven consulting service for businesses and not-for-profit organizations on the real-world issues affecting their performance.

  • Commercial Manager - Media at Investment Research Group

    IRG provides financial consumers with information, analysis and advice about investments within Australasia. IRG is also a sponsor for NZX, and offers full investment banking services.

  • General Manager - Corporate Affairs at OS Tires Ltd.

    OST is a global tire manufacturer which markets Off-The-Road tires used in the construction and mining industry. The company’s mission is to become a major player in the OTR market worldwide, by becoming a cost effective manufacturer and supplier of tires.

  • Lead researcher at University of Missouri - St. Louis, College of Business

    Executed a pilot study in partnership with the Federal Trade Commission. This involved intensive engagement with senior governmental economists, people responsible for technical support at the leading three credit-scoring firms in the USA, and with individual study participants from the United States public.

Luigi Wewege's Education:

  • MIB School of Management

    Master of Business Administration
    Concentration: International Business
  • University of Missouri-Saint Louis

    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    Concentration: in Finance, International Business & Management - cum laude

Luigi Wewege's Interests & Activities:

Anything sports related, travelling, politics, history, psychology, foreign affairs, documentaries, entrepreneurship and languages.

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